Cape Girardeau County’s “I Voted” Sticker Contest Receives Spotlight in ELECTricity Newsletter

The contest to select a new “I Voted” sticker in Cape Girardeau County received attention in the ELECTricity newsletter published by the Center for Technology and Civic Life. CTCL is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving civic engagement through the use of technology. The organization provides resources that local governments and election administrators can use to improve communication with voters.

The “I Voted” sticker contest was held in Cape Girardeau County during the fall of 2017. The goal was to obtain a new, unique “I Voted” sticker for Cape Girardeua County Elections while garnering the involvement of local high school students. The new “I Voted” sticker was first used in the April 3, 2018 municipal election and will continue to be used throughout 2018 and 2019.

The ELECTricity newsletter spotlight is available here: