Board of Equalization

Board of Equalization (BOE) Appeals Process

Assessed valuation is based on a percentage of fair market value.  Property owners have the right to appeal the fair market value that has been placed on their property.  There is a formal appeals process and timeline that is governed by state statute; however, your appeal may be resolved informally by contacting the Assessor’s office in advance to discuss your concerns.   If your appeal cannot be resolved informally with the Assessor, you must submit a written appeal to the County Clerk using the appeal documents provided.  We have included a general timeline of the process and all of the necessary documents below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Corporations, LLC’s, Partnerships, etc.

Real and personal property appeals by property owners that are non-individual persons (corporations, LLCs, partnerships, etc.) cannot be made online.  Appeals for non-individual person property owners must be made by an authorized agent, and an agency authorization form must accompany the appeal document.  All forms must be emailed to or mailed to Cape Girardeau County Clerk, 1 Barton Square, Suite 301, Jackson MO 63755.

BOE Property Assessment Appeal Form

BOE Agency Authorization Fillable Form

BOE Agency Authorization Form

When and how can I appeal my market value?

Appeal steps:
1. Informal (Assessor’s Staff) Hearings
2. Board of Equalization
3. State Tax Commission

1. Informal hearings are strongly encouraged if you feel your value is incorrect.

Contact the Assessor’s office before the second Monday in July for an appointment by calling (573) 243-3123. A change-of-value will be made only if the owner can demonstrate that the appraised value does not accurately reflect the property’s true value in money as of January 1st in the year you are appealing.

Suggested forms of supporting documentation include, but are not limited to:

  • Copy of recent appraisal from a licensed Missouri real estate appraiser (within the last three years).
  • Copy of a recent Broker Opinion of Value from a licensed Missouri real estate broker (within the last three years).
  • Copy of recent sales contract (within the past year) if the sale was arms-length and open-market. (Foreclosure sales, tax sales, etc. are considered distressed sales and not necessarily indicative of market value.  Sales between family members are not considered arms-length.)
  • Copies of construction costs, costs to cure deferred maintenance, or costs of capital improvements.
  • Income and expense information for income-producing commercial properties, if you would like that information considered.

 2. Board of Equalization hearings begin on the third Monday in July for the taxpayer to further their appeal to the Board of Equalization.

Appeal forms are available through the County Clerk’s Office, 1 Barton Square, Suite 301, Jackson, MO 63755 and are also located below. Appeal forms must be returned to the County Clerk’s Office by the 2nd Monday in July.

3. Appeals to the State Tax Commission must be filed by September 30th or within 30 days of the Board of Equalization’s decision, whichever is later, and only following an appeal of the local Board of Equalization.  A professional appraisal is expected, and appeals for property owned by non-persons (i.e. trusts, corporations, partnerships, etc.) must be filed by a licensed attorney.  You may contact the STC at (573) 751-1715 or visit for more information.

For further information, contact the Assessor’s Office at (573) 243-3123.

Board of Equalization hearings will start on the third Monday in July. All requests for BOE appeals must be made through the County Clerk’s Office. Original signed forms must be returned before the 2nd Monday in July. This step is mandatory for further appeals.

The Forms are as follows:

Individual (Non-Business) Real Property Appeal Form

Informational Handout/Instruction Guidelines

Individual (Non-Business) Personal Property Appeal Form

Instructions for Individual (Non-Business) Personal Property Appeal