Student Voting Information

Voting Information for College Students in Missouri

This information is available to assist students in navigating the available options when registering to vote and casting a ballot in Missouri elections.

Residency: School vs. Home

You may register to vote using the permanent address you consider “home” – it could be your parents’ house, dorm room, or another residence.  Understand that the address in which you are registered to vote will affect the local issues and political races in which you are able to vote.

At School: If you choose to register at your school residence address (dorm, apartment, etc), you will vote at your assigned polling location near your school on Election Day.

At Home: If you choose to register at your home address (parents), you will be assigned a polling location near your home on Election Day.

If you are unable to vote at your polling location on Election Day, you may vote an absentee ballot.

Out of State Voters

If you are attending a college or university within Missouri but you are from another state, you have the option of either changing your permanent address to Missouri or requesting an absentee ballot from your state.  Contact the office responsible for the conduct of elections in your home state for more election information.